13 Really Weird Coffee Facts

freshly roasted coffee beansCoffee – you either love it or hate it. Either way, this interesting drink has a whole lot of history behind it, with plenty of it being pretty dam weird! Let’s have a look at some of the weird coffee facts out there.


1. Influential Commodity

Coffee is one of the oldest commodities in the world and is the second most traded after (with crude oil being the first).


2. Worldwide Reach

It is cultivated in over 70 countries worldwide and employs around 25 million people, mostly farmers.


3. Curious Origins

There is a popular legend that coffee was first discovered by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi in the 9th century. He noticed that his goats were full of energy and started dancing after eating the red fruit of the coffee shrub (within which the coffee bean is housed), and after trying it for himself, had the same effect.


4. Senseless Bans

In 17th century England, women were banned from drinking coffee in public places. English coffeehouses were social public places where men would meet for conversation and commerce. This led to the famous 1674 women’s petition against coffee, where their protests and public outcries were heard.


5. Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was invented in 1906 by George Washington (no not that George Washington). While a funny coincidence, this George Washington was a Belgium inventor who arrived in USA in 1897 and after a few first failed attempts at other projects, was the first person to discover freeze-dried coffee.


6. The Meaning of Espresso

The word “espresso” is Italian and means forcing hot water through coffee grounds. Pretty literal huh!


7. Caffeine Can Be Fatal

While caffeine can be healthy and boost focus and productivity, moderation is key. It’s entirely possible to fatally overdose on coffee, although you need to drink 100 cups in one sitting


8. The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

The world’s most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak and it sells for around $3000 per kilogram. Why so expensive? Well it’s very rare and unique, as it is made with beans that have been digested and pooped out by wild civet cats from Sumatra!


9. A Perilous Journey

All the world’s coffee comes from 7 seeds that were smuggled to India out of Arabia by Baba Budan, a 17th century pilgrim. Funnily enough, he snuck them through in his beard!


10. Reason for Divorce

An ancient Arab women could only divorce her husband only if he didn’t provide her with enough fresh coffee


11. Finland Comes First

Finland drinks the most coffee per capita in the world, averaging around 5 cups per person per day.


freshly roasted beans in a heart shape on a wooden table12. Surprising Health Benefits

Regular coffee consumption helps to prevent Alzheimers, Heart Disease, Gout, Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s – but only in men.



13. Crazy Consumption

Coffee is unbelievably popular, being consumed at around 1400 million cups per day by 85% of adults. Interestingly enough it isn’t even the most consumed beverage – it comes in at second after tea.


Some crazy stuff right? Coffee has a long, rich and pretty weird history and each cup of coffee you have has a bit of that history!

Do you have any interesting or weird coffee facts? Please share!

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